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Interview with Stefan Altzer,
How long have you been working in the online gaming industry? How did you become a casino webmaster? How long did it take for you to start earning money?
I have been around the online gaming and gambling industry for quite a long time now (since 2003). Actually, I first started in the online business in 2000 but I focused my attention on other online markets, rather than online gambling. The Casino Affiliate Programs caught my eyes at one hand because of the high revenue possibilities and ease of use of the existing affiliate programs, and on the other hand, gambling has always been a hobby of mine.

Money making began after achieving my first successes in Search Engine Optimizing. With better positions in the major search engines, you really are ahead of everyone else. Let’s just say, it didn’t take too long for the first major amounts to appear from sheer partnerships with bigger casinos.
Is working as a gaming affiliate a full-time occupation for you? Or do you have another job? If so, what is it?
The answer to this is Yes and No at the same time. Gaming online is just one of my numerous online projects. I am continuously looking for a niche that is opening on the online market, and as casinos and gaming are financially attractive online opportunities, I spend a lot of time with these topics. However, I don’t see myself as an opportunist whose only goal is to make money fast, but rather someone who likes to take well informed decisions when it comes to starting a new online-business, so my company can benefit from them, for a longer period of time.
As for another job... I believe an online business is more than a simple job:

it is marketing, PR, administration, customer support, design, programming and SEO in one..... so I believe I have my shear part of jobs:- P :-P
If someone wanted to purchase your domain, for how much would you be willing to sell it to him?
Well, everything is for sale, that’s for sure.... If someone is to come with the right offer at the right time, anything can happen, but for now I don’t plan to sell any of my projects... especially online casino projects (they are my babies, my little hobby and a part of my basic business strategies)
You already managed to get your new site,, within Googles Top 20 for “online casino”. How did you again achieve this superb ranking for such a hyper-competitive keyword? Please tell us a bit about your SEO and link building strategies.
Ahhm Ahhm, excuse me.... Top 10 thank You :-P
It’s a bit funny to talk about SEO tricks and strategies, when in reality all one needs is a well created site that generates rankings by its own.
This sentence explains all of our work, I believe....

If I am to be more specific... our top rankings are due to our hard work and good pre-planning of our link-building strategies and the major improvements in Google’s Algo, which helps visitors, find the BEST online casino of all! (Ours :-P)

I like challenges and as I mentioned at Your first question, I’m actively approaching several high paying highly competitive areas on the net, and with the help of my team, we have managed to get all of our sites on top positions in the search engines, until this day.

I personally love to publish articles. It is the most intensive and exclusive form of link building I have ever known. Although it takes up a lot of time to get quality content written, I strongly believe it’s worth the effort.

The thought of having someone publish an article about your site on his Domain, gives the term “Partnership” a whole new meaning and even though we don’t get direct financial profit from publishing articles (there is no affiliate program we offer, regarding this matter) the indirect success can be easily seen in search engines and in visitor counts...
How much traffic you get from Google?  What are your other traffic sources?
Since we don’t have our own affiliate program running on yet, we get almost 100% of our traffic via the search engines. We depend on great results to function, and this is probably the reason, we give our outmost to keep our results clear and offer our partners fair exchanges in all domains, not only in the gaming industry.
Plazaonlinecasino is no affiliate portal, but an own casino. Why should a player choose PlazaOnlinecasino above the many others out there?
Let me ask you a question..... what do you miss in online casinos, when you compare them to land-based casinos???

I’ll tell you! It is the feeling that you get, when entering the playroom... Plazaonlinecasino was conceived to offer the closest feeling to what you can expect from a real casino. The design of the site was hand crafted by one of our top designers and visitors will always feel as part of something special when playing at

There are about 100 different games – so there are plenty to choose from, including several progressives with jackpots ranging from around $10,000 up to about $600,000. Fair gambling and rigorous security measures provide ideal playing grounds for those who wish to have fun in an online casino.

Also our casino does its best to attract new players and to keep the old players rolling, by offering attractive bonuses.
Is it difficult to launch your own casino? What budget is necessary? What are the challenges?
Actually it isn’t as hard as one tends to imagine at the beginning. There are plenty of white label online games; one just has to get the licence for them and the casino can be up and running in a matter of months. When you have a strong partner due to a real casino, (of course this requires hard deals with casino owners), the possibilities are endless. A more sophisticated part is, creating the necessary system for payouts and filling the gap between different currencies and bank transfers.

An own casino is a bigger investment but generates much more profit on a long term basis. When we manage to keep our site spam free and 100% functional, we can easily get the invested amounts back. Even our players win by having safe and reliable online casinos with ever growing number of online games and services.

The challenges for an online casino are quite evident and as promising as some offers might sound, we never let other casinos get involved in our business. We had for instance a well known online casino trying to offer us his white label poker suite... if we had accepted the deal, we would have never been motivated enough to create our own software for this purpose...
Your casino accepts US players.  Is it difficult to take deposits from US players at the moment?
We DON’T accept US players! But of course we would be really glad if the legislation regarding online gambling in the United States would change....
What’s the importance of US players regarding earnings?
Since the new law for online gambling was passed in the US, there is no importance of US players (since we don’t accept any). Before the law was passed, the players from the US were of high importance regarding revenues, but now, the European market and Asia seem to play a higher role regarding earnings and player numbers in general.
Do you gamble online?  If so, what's your favourite game?
Yes, I’m an active gambler but not only for the fun that it offers. Gambling at other online casinos gets me closer to reading the competition’s mind and knowing what they have to offer, so can always offers something extra, thus remaining a strong competitor for the title of best online casino.
As for playing, I always set my own financial maximum... One has to learn how to lose AND how to win...

Poker is my absolute favourite (try me in Texas Hold’em)
Thanks a lot for the Interview! Hope the readers can draw some conclusions regarding the online casino industry and I’ll meet them either in the SERP’s or in one of my favourite poker rooms... :P

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